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If you or your children’s safety is at risk, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1. Please develop a safety plan and reach out for help. I can provide recommendations to professionals who can help you. Know that all the information we discuss in an initial consultation or in my representation is confidential from your spouse. SafePlace and the Texas Advocacy Project are valuable resources:


Should I get a Divorce?
There comes a point in some relationships where the “d” word starts to come up, either in discussions or in your own mind. In an initial consult, I can give you an idea of what the divorce process looks like and tools to help you prepare for a divorce. I cannot tell you if leaving your spouse is the right decision, but I do work with professionals who can help you find your own answer. Please feel free to contact my office and ask for recommendations for couples’ counselors and therapists for adults or children. 


I want what is best for your family, whether that is separation or reconciliation. A mental health professional can help you find your way, heal a damaged marriage, create a safe space to communicate with your spouse, and work with you to determine the best way to shield your children from the stress of a divorce.


What about my Children?
Divorced families can be happy families with happy and healthy children. Please know that many families move past divorce in a way that is best for everyone. However, it is a difficult time. I can help you brainstorm and talk about ways to best handle the legal process for your children. I can also refer you to mental health professionals who work with children in the divorce process or with adults wanting to minimize the potential negative effects of a divorce on children. Here are some other resources to help you in this process:


A basic article about what to expect:

State and County Resources:
Travis County has a lot of resources for divorcing people and people who share children. These include links for healthy parenting, counseling, and legal services, among others:

Child Support

Please visit the website of the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General for basic and valuable information regarding child support. Please know that the help they provide is typically formulaic, but can be useful. Be aware that most court orders are part of the public record and you should check that your identifying information, such as a social security number, is kept private:

Texas State Law

You can find the entire family law code online. This, combined with caselaw, is the basic “cookbook” from which your case will develop:

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